Hotel Ryoku-sou-ne

In the tranquil and peaceful area of Kanagawa is located Hotel Ryoku-sou-ne緑草音.
Thanks to the new Hokuriku High-speed Shinkanse railway line、 it has become far more rapid to go to Kanazawa from Tokyo.
From the southern-central region Kansai、 the transports by car or train are also convenient.
Why not enjoy your week-end at the Omi-cho Market、 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Arts、 Kenroku-en Garden or Higashi-chaya District、
and then have a high-quality accommodation at Ryoku-so-ne?
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The Spring Illuminations begins on March 25th

The Spring Illuminations begins on March 25th

[Kiyomizu-ji temple] Special nocturnal visit
Saturday、 March 25th -Sunday、 April 9th 18:00 - 21:00 (Reception over)

[Kodai-ji Temple] Spring Special Exhibition
Friday、 March 3rd -Monday、 May 7th 9:00 - 21:30

[Illuminations for Sakura at Shiragawa、 Gion ]
Saturday March 25th -Monday、 April 3rd 18:00 - 22:00


baked bamboo shoots

At the flowering of Japanese cherry blossom、 baked bamboo shoots、 dish of season、 is served by Yuzuya-Isshinkyo.
We are looking forward to your visit!


A Keio-Zakura blooms now

A Keio-Zakura blooms now at the entrance of Yuzuya Hotel!
How beautiful and lovely the Sakura is、 isn't it?
Same as always、 everybody in Kyoto is waiting for her flowering!


2016 August Events

2016 August Events
Aug. 6-12
Kyo no Tanabata Festival

Aug. 6、 7、 11-16、 20、 21
Summer Night Time Special Opening at Toei Kyoto Studio Park

Aug. 7-10
Gojo-zaka Pottery Festival

Aug. 16
Daimonji Gozan Okuri-bi Ritual Fires

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2016 September Events

The Harvest Moon Viewing

many more... Please check


2016 July Events

July 1 (Fri.) - 31 (Sun.)
GION MASTURI : Gion Festival: Big summer event of Kyoto!

14th-16th Yoi-yama (Preceding Festival )

17th YAMAHOKO (Saki Matsuri Festival Parade)

24th HANAGASA (Ato Matsuri Festival Parade)

many more... Please check


2016 June Events

2016 June Events

May 1 (Sun.) - Sept. 30 (Fri.) Yuka Riverside Dining

June 24 (Fri.) - 26 (Sun.) The 65th Kyoto Antique Fair16-06-7.bmp

June. 25 (Sat.)、 26 (Sun.)
"Miyako no Nigiwai" Kyoto Five Kagai Joint Traditional Performance

June 30 (Thurs.) Minazuki/Nagoshi no Harae Summer Purification

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Kyoto Beef Restaurant Shi-Shi-Kin Open Autumn 2015、

Kyoto Beef Restaurant Shi-Shi-Kin Open Autumn 2015、

Our sister store、 "Shi-Shi-Kin" opened last autumn.
It is a reataurant which mainly serve Kyoto beef.
You can enjoy dishes of Kyoto beef by 100g at "Shi-Shi-Kin."
You can taste and compare dishes which use various parts of the beef.
Please visit the restaurant if you have any chances to visit Kyoto.


a Happy New Year 2016

Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings to come in 2016.
Yuzuya Ryokan


Notice for close on February 2015

Notice for close on February

We are closed from February 1st untill 10th because of repair work.
We will open again from February 11th.

I am sorry for the inconvenience、 but I would appreciate your understanding.

Yuzuya Ryokan


For the moon viewing

The morning and evening are becoming cooler and cooler since it has become September in Japan.
Even though it is still hot during noon、 it is cool under the shade of trees and we can feel a touch of fall in the air these days. Although the service to serve dinner on the riverbeds along the Kamo river will finish on the end of September、 now it is the season to enjoy a beautiful moon in Japan. Why don't you have a try and enjoy moon viewing sake on the riverbeds along Kamo river?

For the moon viewing、 十五夜(the fifteenth night; the night of the full moon) is on September 8th and 十三夜 (the thirteenth night from the old calendar) is on October 6th.


~Aubergeday Special Events ~

~Aubergeday Special Events ~

Maiko Dancing and Kaiseki Dinner
April 21st one night only

Day : 2014年4月21日(Mon)
Time: Dinner starts 19:00 (2h)
Seats: 24 seats
Prices: 17000yen (1 person)

TEL: (075)−533-6369;



The height of summer will soon be upon us when you hear the festival music of Gion bayashi in the central district of Kyoto city.
If you stay in summer Kyoto、 You must not miss eating Hamo、 a daggertooth pike. You can eat it by Tempura、 Sushi、 Shabushabu、 lightly roasted、 lightly boiled、 etc. Hamo goes very well with plum pulp. It’s such a taste of summer that you can enjoy even every day!



In the rainy season、 you may feel dull because of heat and humidity.
There is a Japanese style confection best suited to refresh you.
It is called Minazuki、 a triangular-shaped sweet rice jelly with red
beans on top of that. Red beans are believed to expel evil spirits.
Triangular shape represents ice cube to beat the summer heat.
Japanese people wish to be in sound health for the rest of the year by
eating this sweets.

Your hazy feeling caused by these cloudy days will fresh up by seeing vivid colors of flowers.
We would like to introduce you a special place known for its flowers inthis season.
It’s the eastern garden of Heian shrine where there is apond with 2、000 sweet flags called
Hanasyoubu and rabbit ear iris called Kakitsubata. They growgregariously around the pond.
You will surelyfind a certain charm to this scenery.


May 2013

The green of trees has deepened in color. Azaleas called Tsutsuji and
wisterias called Fuji blossom in full glory now.

On May 15th、 we have Aoi festival、 one of three biggest festivals in Kyoto.
About five hundred participants wearing the costumes of Heian court nobles
make a long line and march from the Imperial palace through Shimogamo shrine
to Kamigamo shrine.

Mimurodo temple in Uji is famous for its big garden of hydrangea called
Ajisai. Therefore this temple is called Ajisai temple. But for this season、
main attraction is not hydrangea. This temple has 20、000 azaleas and 1、000
rhododendrons called Shakunage of different colors- red、 white、 pink- in its


La primavera 2013

Questo anno i fiori dei cigliegi hanno cominciato a sbocciare un’po

A Kioto in Aprile、 si sente l’inizio di primavera nei tutti i fiori
e la tiepidezza del vento.

   Vi aspettiamo con i piatti di cibi della primavera.



2011.3.12 About the earthquake

We express deepest sympathy to those who had encountered the big earthquake
and following tsunami struck the north east side of Japan.

Fortunately、 here in Kyoto、 there is no serious damage occurs、 and if there
are anything we can help we are pleased to do for the earthquake victims.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them at this awful time.

From all the staff at Yuzuya Ryokan


March 2011.

The spring time is arriving to Kyoto soon.

This year in Kyoto、 the cherry blossom will start to bloom on 27th March.

Also there will be the Buddhist's big event 'DAI ONKI' which is held once in
50 years.

Chion In Honen (Buddhism master) 800 year memorial DAI ONKI

Nishi Hongan Ji Shinran (Buddhism master) 750 year memorial DAI ONKI

come to feel the religious atmosphere to Kyoto


Yuzuya Ryokan、 where is located in the central Kyoto、 next to the Yasaka
shrine、 is convenient for both sightseeing and business stay.

The guests from overseas also enjoy staying with us since we deliver the old
Japanese atmosphere to all the guests.

The English speaking staff will help you for sightseeing tour、 shopping、 and
so on.

The colored leaves in autumn、 the gardens in winter、 and the cherry
blossoming in spring… We guarantee that you will enjoy staying in Yuzuya
Ryokan in any seasons.


Yuzuya ryokan is a recently
remodeled ryokan under the
concept of "Japanese Auberge".
No other inns can match its
location next to
Yasaka Shrine convenient for
sightseeing around Kyoto's
main attractions including
Kiyomizu temple and
Gion Geisha area.
We are looking forward to see
you in Kyoto.

Yuzuya ryokan